When you hire someone to build a home or construct a building, there’s a lot on the line…

Your money, time, and livelihood are at risk.

A home isn’t just an investment – it’s security for your family.

A new building for your business is more than a storefront or office – it’s where you pave your way of life.

At LS Industries, your investment and safety is a priority. Every project is approached with integrity.

Cookie cutter work is out of the question. LS Industries will listen to what you need and craft a product that is exceptional.


? Let’s build something together.


LS Industries Inc. is family-owned and operated.

Every project, nail, and cut is overseen by someone from the Giesbrecht family. It’s been this way for two decades… and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

The Giesbrechts moved to Lubbock in the early 90s – and in 1998, David Giesbrecht decided to launch Lonestar Construction.

Since then, David worked on hundreds of homes, remodels, and buildings. Always handling projects firsthand. Always maintaining quality control.

He later incorporated the business in 2010, launching LS Industries Inc.

Over two decades later, the family business is still thriving.

David now works with his two sons – aiming to provide remarkable craftsmanship to Lubbock Texas.

We believe that exceptionalism shouldn’t be uncommon. West Texas is our home, and we will continue to make it beautiful.